Solid Rain® 500

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Solid Rain® is a powerful watering water retainer that ABSORBS up to 300 times its weight in water*, STOCKE and RESTITUE according to the needs of the plants. Charges with a shower or small watering.


Solid Rain® considerably reduces watering cycles. No need to water every day: is a real gain for you saving water, time and ... money!


With water savings, Solid Rain® improves your GREEN footprint.


--- > Efficiency 5 year warranty 


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1 box of 500gr = 80 pots of 5 kilos of mixture ready for your plants!


Solid Rain® is compatible with fertilizers and liquid fertilizers that you may have added. Bio-fractionated, it does not fear frost and preserves the environment.

Solid Rain® placed in the root zone of the plant, will return the rations just needed: neither too much nor too little! No more rotting plants and finding them dead from thirst when you return from vacation or in case of prolonged absence.

Solid Rain® is effective for a minimum of 5 years: like a sponge, it will swell at the slightest rain or small watering and will retract continuously to the rhythm of the needs of your plant, thus ventilating the soil, it is the 'earthworm' effect.

Solid Rain® makes plants healthier, more vigorous, more productive, leaves and lush grass.

In addition, Solid Rain® completes and doubles the action of tanks with water reserve.

*the absorption is related to the purity of the water


Distilled water 300 mL.g-1
Solution of Ca (NO3) 2: 40 mL.g-1
Dry matter: 92%
Granulometry : 94%
For sieves of 0.315 and 1m


Crosslinked potassium polyacrylate


Authorization to sell French Ministry of Agriculture No. 11 300 11
Net weight: 500gr.
Made in the United States
Conditioned in FRANCE


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